New Miners won't sync

Set up 2 new miners 3 weeks ago, both are stuck at 0% sync to the blockchain. I’ve opened the necessary ports and set static IPs, restarted multiple times, messaged support twice and gotten no response. So next it seemed like the firmware wasn’t up to date, so I removed the SD cards (and lost one, so I bought a blank one since I figured I’d be downloading new firmware anyways) and now that I’m trying to get the right firmware my head is going in circles going from one outdated/incomplete set of steps to another to a post from a month ago saying it’s all in my head and the miner will just update itself. Please Help.

Hotspot: genuine-blood-cod
Hotspot Maker: CalChip
Connect Address: 11J8z7sJSYLSShUtojJ3V14jnSAcxWd9Rogaxkjc6bHgsYHbYCz
Connected to Blockchain: yes
Dialable: yes Height: 1 Last Challenge: never
Firmware: 2021.03.09.0
App Version: 4.2.1
Wi-Fi MAC: 60:81:F9:E6:D9:76 Eth
MAC: 60:81:F9:E6:D9:75
IP Address:
Disk status:
Report Generated: 2022-09-28 10:24 AM Device Info: EVR | android 28


Your firmware is simply way too old to auto update, follow the linked guide in order to flash a fresh one and replace the card. Once done, set it up for at least 30 min on Ethernet so it does its thing and properly configure itself and diagnose it to make sure it is up to date and connected.
This should bring it back up.
Here it he link to the guide:


They’re working now, thanks! They’re the first miners in the city and transmitting beacons without getting any witnesses. How many miners need to be around before that starts happening, and does it matter if they’re associated with my wallet, or do they have to belong to others?

Hey @UyuniLlamaShark ,

If there are no other hotspot they will only see each other. This being said, if the have good range they should also witness each other. What are the names of the hotspots?
Any hotspots can witness another no matter who it belongs to, provided they are within range.


Genuine Blood Cod and Salty Pearl Toad.

They’re sporadically seeming to work/not, which is confusing me, but not getting rewards even when they are transmitting beacons, which adds to my confusion. I have 3 more hotspots I’m hoping to deploy soon as I can work things out with friends to host them. Thanks for the help!

Hey @UyuniLlamaShark

I see nothing odd here, both are beaconing, given that there are no other hotspots in the area I would day they are simply not within range of each other. It looks they are in a dese city environment, they might be having a hard time if they are not up on a high roof with good line of sight. Where do you have them positioned?



Both are near large windows, one on the 5th floor (pictured), the other on the 2nd. The cardboard box is a heat shield from the sun (in the mountains especially it can be problematic). They’re facing the same direction, not towards each other, I don’t think that’s possible to change. Both have the 3dbi antenna they came with, and there’s only one hex in between them.

Hey @UyuniLlamaShark

These windows, any chance they are coated?
Unless the other one is in one of the other buildings in front of this one with direct line of sight, with so many large buildings I doubt they will be within range.


Hi, my helium hotspot connects perfectly to the helium hotspot utility app, but will not connect to mntd. Is there anything I can do. It is using a newly flashed and rewritten 64gb Samsung Evo micro SD. Thank you so much.