New RAK 7200 unresponsive

I just received this today. As per the little note on the box, the battery was disconnected for shipping.

I have connected it (the plug only fits one way into the socket), and am attempting to charge, but there is no activity on any of the LEDs and the device seems totally unresponsive. The charger says 5.21V at 0.36A and has done for the last 3 hours.

Is there anything I can try? Is the battery faulty perhaps?



Hello @patmolloy
Please connect it to your PC and check the activity, version of FW ant etc., according to this guide :

Todor Velev

Thanks, it is alive. The board was not properly seated in the case so none of the LEDs were visible. Not convinced it is charging still, however. But I get see the device on a serial port now. Thanks.

Did you have to open the 7200 enclosure and make sure the boards are assembled together properly? I only the charge light comes on even though it’s plugged in overnight.

Hi @simplice can you connect your RAK7200 to PC and run at+version with RAK Serial Tool? Please share the output.

I didn’t get the note about connecting the battery before using. I opened the box, plugged in the battery and now i have a green charged light. It connects to the network - i don’t see activity on the other LED but i can monitor otherwise.