New RAK4600 no communication

Issue: I have a new RAK4600 EVB and it can not communicate with the serial port tool. I have not modified anything and I am able to connect to it via Bluetooth.

Details: The EVB is plugged in via USB to a laptop and I get no response from at+version and other commands at all. The Sending field within the serial port tool does not respond when sending messages such as at+help, they do not show up in the RECV fields. I want to be able to send data with it.

I also have external power and the laptop supplying power the the device and still now response.

All modules are tested before they are shipped. But let me give you some things to look at.

Can you double check if you selected the right COM port and baud rate at 115200? Then, if you check the back of your RAK4600 EVB, don’t you see anything unusual? Like burnt marks, missing IC, etc?

If you think all is good and since you can connect via Bluetooth, you can also try to update the firmware via BLE

This will also ensure that you have the latest fw which you can download here