New RUI compilation center is online

Hello everyone!

RAK’s new RUI compilation server is online.

It is aimed at firmware 3.x.x.14 and is not applicable to firmware of lower version.
You can use the new server to generate your IOT firmware.

If you are still using firmware 3.x.x.12 or lower, you can continue to use

You can find the documentation for the RUI here
Version 3.x.x.14 requires a new upgrade tool. You can go to to download the new version for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.

If you have any questions or suggestions during use, you can send them back here.

Finally, thank you for choosing RAK, and hope that RAK can bring you a better IOT experience.


This new online compiler is simpler to use, good work! A few questions:

  1. Which boot loader do we need for firmware 3.x.x.14?
  2. Product is being shipped with firmware V3.2.0.14. Beta4, where do we get a production release from please.
  3. Have the logins from the old compiler being copied over or do we re-register?
  4. The new repository at has the starter files but they have been cut down such that it is not clear what the best way to hook in to the normal data-collect / send loop as we had in v1.
  5. Some of the RUI documentation have incorrect function definitions in them - for example:
    RUI_RETURN_STATUS rui_i2c_rw(RUI_I2C_ST *rui_i2c, uint8_t devAddr, uint16_t regAddr, uint8_t* data, uint16_t len)
    instead of
    RUI_RETURN_STATUS rui_i2c_rw(RUI_I2C_ST *rui_i2c, RUI_IF_READ_WRITE rw , uint8_t devAddr, uint16_t regAddr, uint8_t* data, uint16_t len);
    Could these be audited for correctness - perhaps at the same time as code samples?
  6. Could someone document the pin number scheme we are meant to use - the MCU or the module pins?
  7. Having some code samples for each of the major RUI functions would be super useful - is this something you will be creating in the near future.

Many of these I’ve already raised in other posts or via email. I’m very very keen to promote the RAK RUI system, it provides a great alternative to setting up a complex toolchain & learning different API’s and provides a degree of portability between modules but it is a very shallow learning curve (ie, little progress over a long period of time).

hi @nmcc, thank you for your attention, your feedback is very useful to us.

  1. This compilation platform is deployed on a separate server, so it needs to be re-registered.
  2. The 3.x.0.14 firmware will be released on the official website. The firmware is a file containing App and BootLoader.
  3. If the firmware version is 3.x.0.14.betax, its bootloader is available.
  4. Only the source code of the standard module is currently open, and other examples are being prepared.
  5. In the planning example, there will be automatic Join and cyclic data sending like v1. Peripheral related APIs will also provide corresponding routines, and there will be documentation.


I’m working with WisTrio RAK5205 and I’d like to upgrade it to new FW version 3.x.x.14.

I’m able to compile it with the new compilation server, but not able to upgrade the board with ‘RAK Device Firmware Upgrade Tool v1.4.exe’.

As far as I understood, I need 1st to update the bootloader (so far I’m trying with RUI_RAK5205_BOOT_Version3_0_2.bin).

The problem is that I can’t find the bootloader aligned to FW version 3.x.x.14: where can I find it?

Thanks for your support,

Hi @crosadini,
In our new versions of firmware, we have integrated the bootloader in the FW so you don’t have to use a couple of tools for the programming. But for now, you have to program your module with the STM32 Cube programmer( with the hex file from the archive here:
Then you can use the new RAK DFU tool to flash the firmware as it was compiled by the RUI compiler.

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