New Year’s Eve Game!

New Year’s Eve Game

Hey, RAKstars!

2020 may have pressed the pause button for a lot of us, but 2021 will be different – for sure!

The new year is just around the corner, and RAKwireless wants to know…

What do you want to BUILD in 2021? What are your dreams and projects in the #IoT and #LoRaWan field?

Give your creativity a shake and share your innovative ideas below, as a reply!

We’re reading your comments and three of your ideas will receive amazing rewards from RAKwireless!

The RAK team will select the greatest idea and for it, the commenter will receive the biggest prize: WisBlock Kit

Two other randomly selected participants will receive rewards as well: WisBlock Kit 1 | Weather Monitor

WisBlock Kit 2 | LoRa-based GPS Tracker with Solar Panel

Share your ideas from December 31st to January 3nd for a chance at these prizes.

The winners will be announced on January 5th, 2021, here in the forum and with an email as well.

Let’s fulfill your dreams together!

Happy New Year!

Providing better solutions and supporting creative minds,



Looking forward to play with these modular kits! We’ve got two projects on our backlog:

  1. Tamper proof for sensitive shipments using the starter kit + GPS + Light sensor
  2. Inventory management by weight using the starter kit + 4-20mA interface

This would be my first project, but I would be making a solar unit for my electric unicycle. It would track my gps coordinates. And have crash detection to send a beacon out to my wife, to let her know I have bailed.

Marking crocodile nest using a powered paragglider by dropping GPS beacons near the nest. This will allow wildlife management to locate the nest by airboat to monitor egg counts and hatching.

Recipen I am beginning to know Lora and I have heard of this brand, and it has very good references.

It would be great to practice with them, I have in mind a solution to be able to locate cattle via GPS, thanks to the reduced size of Rak and its portability with battery.

Another project would be a remote door control system for factories that have warehouses in remote locations, it would be great!

Thank you!

I want to create a tracking device for the boats of my rowing club.
My requirements are:

  • powered by energy harvesting (solar power & kinetic energy)
  • IP68 ( endure rain and capsizing)
  • light, small and idiot proof (used in small racing rowing boats)
  • easy to program ( I am an engineer, not a programmer)
  • low cost (we have 88 boats

I am currently learning about LoRa/LoRaWAN with a RAK based gateway I have made available in our community, various ESP32 based microcontrollers, and lots of Raspberry Pis.

I can see a future with sensors and gadgets everywhere, empowering our lives, improving the collection of data about our environments, and changing the lives of people living in rural and currently disconnected remote communities.

I have previously setup temperature sensors and Raspberry Pis all over my house and garden to record sensor data, but LoRa would extend beyond the boundaries of my home. I want to replicate this with LoRa and extend it with many more sensors, GPS, and Bluetooth.
Also, I’d like to make a text based LoRa message ‘pager’ service, improve local weather data collection with LoRa, and create a LoRa based treasure hunt game. Data must be secure, but also possible to be publicly available with anonymisation.

I already have several TTGO based ground stations receiving LoRa signals from satellites like Norbi and soon to be the next generation of FossaSat satellites. I’d like to help extend this out to more microcontrollers, and experiment with kites and balloons.

Follow up on the pizza delivery guys in my city.

And do multiple developments to test and test the Wisblock system and RAK accessories


I’m interested in deploying environmental sensors, initially at home but then approaching educational settings. It would be great to have one at my son’s nursery for example, the data could be used by local community planning and environment groups to back initiatives with real figures. By focussing on settings where the health of children is under consideration it should be possible to affect real environmental change.


A couple of months ago, an island in my country was attacked by a hurricane (iota), the island was completely isolated for about 36 hours, the electrical systems and the LTE networks did not stand up to the hurricane. When help arrives on the island, finding the survivors is a very difficult task for the rescuers. The first 48 hours are critical to saving lives in this type of disaster.
This year we are developing a project with LoRa devices to help first responders save lives.
The project has two different types of devices:

  1. A small device with LoRaWan communication, which has a panic button, that will be used to locate those who need help in cases of disaster.
  2. Community assistance nodes, these nodes will enable conventional devices such as mobile phones, computers via Bluetooth or WIFI to be connected to a #LoRaWan network, with the aim of requesting assistance.

Some details are still missing but we hope it will be a viable solution and accepted by some rescue agencies for testing purposes.

In 2021 I will build a tracking APP, in javascript, with Chirpstack server and Leaflet map in real time (RT).
In addition to the tracker, I intend to set up a LoRa base that will receive data, from sensors to the pool, via Bluetooth and send to the LoRaWAN Gateway via LoRa.


I have been asked to create a proof-of-concept outdoor air quality monitor for a local school that is near a busy road. This has become a hot-topic in the UK after it was confirmed at a coroners inquest in mid-Dec that road traffic pollution had contributed to a 9 year old girl’s death: Air pollution a factor in girl’s death.

A data collection node would enable a school to alert the parents who drive their children to school of the problems this causes and provide the evidence for the local authority to take official measurements.

The WisBlock system would help me quickly get the electronics together and start on the software, particularly using:

  • LoRaWAN to demonstrate how data can be relayed quickly to a central system
  • Environmental, temperature, pressure, light sensors for data
  • 0-5V interface to an entry level NO2 sensor + PM2.5 particle sensor
  • OLED display so live readings can be seen
  • Maybe WiFi interface so a current & recent readings with charts can be seen on a SmartPhone near the sensor box -
  • Maybe the GPS module to show where it is

I have a spare RAK7246 if it turns out the box is not in range of the gateways in my town.

By using WisBlock, additional boxes can be created quickly and easily to satisfy any short term demand.

Once we have moved to a production unit, the kit would be donated to a local secondary/high school for them to learn about IoT. I’d probably get them to build a tracker for a High Altitude Balloon going to 30km, using the GNSS tracker module and sensors to relay data live.

Hi everybody!
Our Goal for 2021 is to build a wireless LoRaWAN system for the live monitoring of water levels on major and minor water body.
Hardware system will consist of many sonars spread in many points along rivers and channels, which will measure water levels and will send measure to receivers.
Receivers, in turn, will send signals to a cluster that will be in charge to validate, elaborate and disseminate data via social and web site.
Data will be freely available.
The dream is to make this system available in case of an emergency.

Hello, I am an Undergraduate student developer.

In November 2020, I, along with my friend, started working on a project named “XtressVue.” But due to the expensive hardware(LoRa modules specifically) and lack of funds, we were not able to make sufficient progress on the project. The RAKWisBlock Kit will enable us to extend our platform’s capabilities and effectively create a prototype version. It will also help us pitch our project to potential sponsors and help us get some funding to continue developing upon the project. We have planned to extend our idea’s capabilities by involving the usage of “ClusterDuck Protocol[].” Using LoRaWAN, we would create network connectivity with a local database build upon the raspberry pi server(associated employing ClusterDuck Protocol). This local database will store the info gained from disaster victims when the network connectivity is gone.

Here’s the project description:
During disasters, emergency centers get overwhelmed, and first-responders don’t know which areas need immediate attention and the number of people affected in a particular site. Our platform, “XtressVue,” prioritizes the situations based on their emergency level. When a disaster occurs, victims can send text messages to a chatbot that will ask general inquisitions like health, food, etc. The responses are analyzed to extract critical information, such as the number of victims and location. This information is aggregated and visualized as a heatmap in the responder’s dashboard, prioritizing areas with the most need.

XtressVue then provides first responders with a map identifying areas with high emergency levels based on the number of people involved and the urgency of the situation. It analyzes satellite imagery using semantic segmentation; this real-time satellite imagery analysis enables rescue workers to quickly reach victims by generating routes to avoid damaged buildings and roads.

Here’s the link to the project video:

P.S.: I am not sure what happened but my account got on hold and I wasn’t able to reply to this post yesterday. Now I created a new account and sharing my stuff. Please look into this. Username of my old account is oscillator25. Thanks a lot.

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#RAKstars, 2021 looks like it is going to be a year filled with amazing ideas and inspiring goals! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Here are the winners:

With his unique idea, James Edward Elsenburg (@txsrooster) gets the big prize - WisBlock Kit!

The two random winners are

Nick McCloud (@nmcc ) - WisBlock Kit 1 | Weather Monitor


Thomas Inman (@OneHP ) - WisBlock Kit 2 | LoRa-based GPS Tracker with Solar Panel

Congratulations! We are looking forward to seeing you transform your dreams into reality!

If you are one of the winners, please contact us via Twitter @RAKwireless, or email us at [email protected] to claim your gift.

Here is the video of the draw of the random winners: video