Newb install awry

I get told (in red!) that “Tool nrfjprog is not available for your operating system” when trying to add the RAFwireless nRF Boards" package to the Arduino IDE (all running Linux on a Raspberry Pi 4). Any ideas?

Also, the docs seem to blend the RAK4630 and 4631… Any reference describing the differences?


Welcome to the forum @bobbeers

For the difference between RAK4630 and RAk4631:

  • The RAK4631 is a RAK4630 stamp module on a PCB with a connector for WisBlock Base Boards.}
  • The RAK4630 is the bare stamp module

For nrfjprog problem, I am not sure about the Raspberry Pi4 support. I have the Arduino IDE with the BSP for the RAK4630 running on an Ubuntu PC (x64).
I will have to ask the R&D team about it, but it could be that the version used will not run on the CPU used in the RPi’s.


Just to make sure I ask the correct questions to R&D, you are using the RUI3 BSP, not the open source Arduino BSP?

I have been trying to figure what you mean. My RAK 4631 (with the 4630 chip on the board) was purchased last week from RAK and has not been modified. Does that mean I have the RUI3 BSP?

I switched to a Windows machine, installed the Arduino IDE, and was able to install the RUI3 BSP. My server is now talking to my RAK 4630. I would like to figure out if it can be done using a Raspberry PI 4 instead of my windows machine.

As far as I could find out, the tools used in the BSP are not supporting the CPU used in the RPi. We support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based on Intel and AMD CPU’s.