No Antenna Activity - Just Creates Challenges

I have a miner that can create challenges but I am getting no antenna activity. I have other nearby hotspots. I have tried the stock antenna indoors on a 2nd story window, an 5 dbi outdoor antenna mounted on the second story window and also tried an 8 dbi antenna. We are in flat terrain in the suburbs.

The unit has been online and synced for 5 days but no beacons are heard and it doesn’t here the nearby hotspots.

The attached pictures show the nearby hotspots as well as the beacons being sent with nobody hearing.

What’s the next troubleshooting step?

Do I open up the box and make sure the internal antenna wire is connected? Does opening the 4 screws affect the warranty?

Hei @Antennaguy

You can do this, yes it will not void the warranty.
Cn you share a picture of the visibility of the hotspot, you might be in a flat area, but this does not mean you have line of sight. Any chance the window is coated?


Thanks. I will grab a picture of outdoor the setup with clear line of sight above rooftops later today as well as the indoor setup near a 2nd story window with no screens on window.

Since I am seeing traffic to create challenges, can I rule out any firewall issues? I am not being related and I have attached pictures from diagnostic as well as helium showing port 44158 open and able to be pinged.

Here is a photo of a 2nd story window setup with the stock antenna.

I have tried windows on all 4 corners of the house as well as external antennas mounted 10 feet above roof / fire place.

Safe to assume so should start the RMA process?

Hi @Antennaguy ,

You don’t really have good visibility as far as I am concerned. Trees block almost all the signal and there are plenty in the distance, also you are not really much higher than other buildings, it is hard to judge precisely as visibility is not good, but it might be the reason for poor witnessing. It could also be some other network issue, but in the end your miner itself is performing well, give where it is.
There is a new update today, which you will be getting automatically, lets see if it make a positive difference.


I am having the same issue with one of my units… I have another miner 2 miles away and it earns fine. But the one with tje issue is in a better area with no large buildings around… it’s flatline.

Head to discord we will take care of you there