No binary mode in 4.0.6?

Has binary mode over serial been removed in firmware 4.0.6?
If so, what’s recommended to use instead for m2m communication with RAK3172, older firmware or raw AT?




Welcome to the forum @olle

Yes, in V4.0.6 the binary mode has been removed. It is recommended to use the AT commands instead.

Ok. You should probably update your documentation then. The non-existent binary mode and protocol is mentioned in multiple places and may trick customers that it’s functional.

Since for someone who wants to use something more reliable than AT (which carries no checksum and no pairing between request and response) the only option left is to implement a custom firmware.

Documentation update is scheduled, but delayed.

You can secure your AT command communication with password AT+LOCK and AT+PWORD.

But no checksum check, that is correct.

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