No contact with the sensor RAK12500 in RAK19007 slot D

Please include the following information, in order for us to help you as effectively as possible.

  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631

  • What firmware are you using? VSCode/PlatformIO

  • What firmware version?

  • Computer OS? (MacOS, Linux, Windows) Windows

  • What Computer OS version? Windows 11

  • How often does the problem happen? Always

  • How can we replicate the problem? Yes

  • Provide source code if custom firmware is used or link to example if RAKwireless example code is used.

Good morning,

I did a @beegee code mix, based on the examples that RAKWIRELESS had in the Github, to work with RAK4631, RAK1904, RAK1906 and RAK12500, installed in a Base board RAK19007.

I had installed in a RAK19007 Base board: slot A a RAK1904(Accelerometer), slot B a RAK1906(Environment) and slot D a RAK12500(GNSS). With this configuration I had no contact/answer from RAK12500 in slot D.

I change for: : slot A a RAK12500(GNSS) , slot B a RAK1906(Environment) and slot D a RAK1904(Accelerometer) . Now I have contact/answer from RAK12500.

I already did a conflict check with WisBlock-IO-Pin-Mapper spreadsheet, and no problems with both configurations.

May be it is a mechanical problem in the slot D connector. Any ideas?


I did not try the complete combination of your modules, but my RAK12500 is always in Slot D and works without problems.

I will run a test later.

We did a configuration with the RAK12500 in the slot D, and it is working fine. Then I am supposing that the problem is a non documented conflict between RAK12500(GNSS) in slot D and RAK1904(accelerometer), but we are not sure yet.

I got a pneumatic line pressure and we got the RAK5801 with a pressure transducer and the entire solution (RAK4631, RAK19007, RAK12500, RAK1904, RAK1906) is working fine.

Now we will organize the code following the codification best practice and we will add lora interface to send all informations to the application server using a RAK Standarized Payload.

I will send news as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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