No join possible with antenna gain 5

Issue: No Join possible with Antenna Gain 5 setting in global_json.conf

Setup: RAK7243 connected to 5db RAK fiberglass antenna
Packet forwarder 4.0.1 Lora Concentrator HAL 5.0.1

Details: After I lost somehow the connection to my RAK7204 I did a FW upgrade to and tiggered an at+join. Join requests were never accepted. Checking log in TTN I see that the Join request is accepted. Checking the RAK7243 gateway log I see

As I have a 5dB RAK fiberglass antenna connected I changed the value antenna_gain in global_conf.json to 5. Changing the configuration back to 0 the join accept message was after that modification send to the node and the node is now working as before.

Any idea about this error message? Why is a lower RF power not accepted. Is the RAK7243 FW able to handle only certain antenna gain values?


Can you give me the output of sudo gateway-version command? This is a bug in Tx_lut table in the packet forwarder, but is fixed in the new version of the Semtech Packet Forwarder.

thanks for all your 24/7 service here in this forum!

4.1.0R is reported by sudo gateway-version.


ok, I see in change log of:
2020-02-14 V4.2.0

will give a try next weekend

We try to do our best :slight_smile:
Yes, please update the software of your Gateway.
If you have other problems, please feel free to share them.