No LEDs working on RAK2287. Why?

Setting up RAK Discover Kit 2
for use with the Helium network.
Which adds a thick layer of complexity.
But I have to start somewhere with debugging the setup.
The LEDs on the RAK2287 don’t come on even though the board seems to be powering up, listening for incoming and by the network traffic seems to be receiving. I don’t know how to tell if it is actually transmitting.
So the question, why no LED activity?

Hello @AppleMuncy,

A quick and dirty way to check would be to point the packet forwarder to TTN :slight_smile:

If you do not feel like digging into logs, etc.

Greetings @Hobo, I recognize you from #RakStar : )
I just had to wait for my miner to catch up on the blockchain. My two end-node have joined the helium network now. So I know with certainty that the RAK2287 is working fine.
But maybe the LEDS aren’t connected to anything? Or aren’t being switched on and off?

Hei @AppleMuncy,

I believe there should be at least a green power one working. Last time I used a 2287 this was the case. This a bit strange to be honest. Boy, I hope it is not faulty.

During the night I noticed more activity. yes, a green LED on the PI hat. Also a intermittent blue LED coming from under the heat sink on the RAK2287.
But nothing from what I think are the ON, TX, and RX LEDs. Anyway since the RAK2287 IS working, no worries now : )

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Same problem here!
RAK2287 installed in a Raspberry Pi 3b+, with the lastest RAK software from repo. ALL leds off.

The card works OK, listens traffic, send downlinks ok, but the leds were ALL off forever!
Bought many cards ( 30 or so) , tried many of them with the same result

Thanks to @cslorabox from The Things Network forum for giving an accurate answer.

If RAK Wireless followed exactly the reference design, there is no way the leds will blink wihout host intervention.

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