No microphone audio on 7244C (multiple units)

Issue:No microphone input

Setup: 7244C, T-Mobile


Details: We can make calls but we have NO audio input from our headsets on both of our units. I have exhausted all options. Previous suggestions and documentation have not provided a solution. Again thought might have been isolated to the unit I had opened but even one fresh out of the box has the EXACT same issue. We can make calls without issue… but no microphone audio is present. Please advise. This is holding up a very large potential deployment where voice communication is a necessary feature and the reason we bought these units.

Hello @fliiteai ,
What is the response from:

+QDAI: 3,0,0,4,0,0

Revision: EG95NAFBR05A04M4G

bumping this request… provided information you requested

Ok, these are good, What about:

Also on which port have you connected the headsets?

+CLVL: 2 (there is no CLCL command, verified in the Quectel AT command manual)
+QMIC: 25905,14567
+QSIDET: 20000

Headset is connected to the furthest right audio jack, almost directly above the sim slot

What is the response of “AT+CMUT?”?
Also, do you try to make calls from one unit to another, or from mobile phone to unit/ from unit to a mobile phone?
I’m testing it out and everything is working, that it’s why it may take some time to reproduce the issue and come up with a solution.

Here is the latest from minicom

+CMUT: 0

calling from the unit to a cellular line and a land line… neither can hear any audio coming from either unit.

I have configured this unit ad nauseum using all the directions provided and still have microphone issues. We used split headset and microphone configurations to no avail. I have gone over every AT command set for audio that is documented and have tried different codecs and frequencies and nothing resolves our problem.

Hi Nikola,

I’m experiencing the same issues on my side. I’m not able to hear any outgoing sound from RAK microphone to my phone. I also use a split audio and microphone on my RAK. Here are the commands I entered and the responses:

AT+QDAI? +QDAI: 3, 0, 0, 4, 0, 0

AT+QMIC? +AMIC: 60000, 14567


Where you able to find the issue?

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BUMP on an additional user that is having the exact same issue. In fact, a Google search produces anecdotes of the same problem without resolution.

We are investigating the issue. I will share this topic as soon as I get any information for a possible solution.