No onboarding key found

It’s so frustrating be blocked by this.
Someone from rak could help me unlocking this.

Trying to add my hotspot at helium app for two days and still blocked.


Please mail a shot of QR on the label that says RAK Hotspot Miner V2 on the side of the miner to [email protected]



I’m experiencing the same issue, so I just sent you an email with a snap of the QR code. If you would help me out at your earliest convenience, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Kind regards,

I am also experiencing the same issue. Can I send my details to you as well for help? I have been trying to contact anyone to help. Thank you in advance Vladislav!

He @jrux7 ,

Sure do send them and also check our discord if you have the same issues again, or any other technical one:


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OK THANK YOU!! I sent you an email and reached out on discord. Very excited to get up and running!