"No Sensor data detect."

On my 5 nodes, one is working fine, the other 4 show this: “No Sensor data detect.”

This is from the serial:

RAK5205 Version:

BME680 init success!
LIS3DH init successed!

Selected LoRaWAN 1.0.2 Region: EU868

  • Initialization OK,Current work_mode:LoRaWAN, join_mode:OTAA, Class: A*
  • OTAA:*
    *OTAA Join Start… *
    [LoRa]:Joined Successed!
    No Sensor data detect.
    Go to Sleep.
    String over max length <256 Bytes>.
    Wake up.
    No Sensor data detect.
    Go to Sleep.
    Wake up.
    No Sensor data detect.
    Go to Sleep.

And on and on…

at+get_config=device:status shows the following:

===============Device Status List================

Board Core: RAK811


LoRa chip: SX1276

Voltage no detecte.

GPS is power down.

LIS3DH sensor is closed.

BME680 sensor is closed.

===================List End======================

Hi @Ori

It would seem you have you sensors disabled, take a look a the text below:

at+set_config=device:X:Y Set a certain sensor’s status.
X : the sensor’s flag

gps - GPS,
acc - Acceleration,
magn - Magnetic,
gyro - Gyroscope,
pressure - Pressure,
temperature - Temperature,
voltage - Voltage.

Y : 1 - Activate , 0 - Deactivate

Basically you need to enter the following for example to enable the temperature sensor:

I hope this helps.


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