No support needed, just happy feedback

Hello, purchased this RAK7243 gw to play with lora and discover new world.

Setup was quite easy, first on eth, switched fastly to wifi to limit all cables. Plugged my custom antena, and since 4 days now it plays the gateway role like perfect.

Was out most of last two days to map it with an hacked paxcounter on a ttgo tbeam, to only send gps packet every 15 seconds. In the process found another TTN gateway in neighbour city.

Following somes pictures of the setup:

It is indoor, as seen on picture. Also my building is surrounded by metalic scaffolding, because refreshing of all outside walls in progress. I guess this as an impact on reception, i will have to wait two months, that this refresh ends to put the GW on the balcony and remap it in better reception condition.

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That’s great! Thanks you for your feedback.:slight_smile:

Awesome work @Fomi

I just setup my first gateway too and it’s such an incredible technology.

I live in a rural location so the only traffic I can map is my own :slight_smile:

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Hi @dalewright,

Thank you!
I’ve looked almost all you have posted on RAK forum, and i’m glad to meet you. :handshake:
I know that you’re very interested on RAK modules/products and LoRa technology, but you haven’t the coding skill now, right?
If it is, what i want to say is “no warry”. :wink:
Have you seen “IoT Made Easy” in the above picture which is in RAK compony LOGO? Yes, what RAKers want to do is reducing the difficult of IoT so that everyone, no matter he/she have the coding skill or not, can use RAK products to do their IoT application and do their customized products based on RAK modules/products, that’s why we not only do several products, but do RUI platform.This is RAK vision, and all RAKers are working hard for it, even though we haven’t reached there yet. :wink:
So, what i want to say is that, i’m very happy to discuss and work togather with everyone including you surely to improve our products and tools, and any suggestion or help from you will be appreciative. :smile:

Hello @Fomi

It is lovely to meet you and I sincerley appreciate your support.

I am eager to learn more about Lora and conduct lots of experiments using Rak.

My first experiment is to intregrate my Lora module data into my smart home system (Home Assistant) via The Things Network. I am having some difficulties and would appreciate any help you or your team could offer.

Here is my post for this:

I have also volunteered to help Rak with any future product testing. I am particularly interested in the new “ready to go” modules that @kinsonchan mentioned at The Things conference.

I took up @velev 's very kind offer and sent him an email with my details :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out.