Nobreak 4630 + batery

I have a wisblock 4630 module coupled to a 5005, I had the idea of ​​making the power supply through the solar panel connection pin and simultaneously attaching a battery (considering the recommended voltages) my intention is that it acts as a nobreak. Could this cause any damage to the board? sorry for my bad english. thank you for any answer

Hello @Janksyn , welcome to the forum.

You can attach a rechargeable battery and the solar panel (max 6V) together to the WisBlock RAK5005-O.
I have this combination running for 2 months now in my water tank level sensor without problems.
The solar panel is recharging the battery every day when the sun is up. Still waiting for the rainy season to see if my battery can survive several days without sun.

WisBlock Solution - Water Tank Level and Overflow Sensor

Thanks for the reply,

The datasheet says that the power can be supplied by the micro USB connector, as a charging input port for the battery, my question is if when the battery is fully charged the current is diverted
so it ignores the battery and goes straight to the charger?

The voltage coming from the USB or solar panel connector goes only to the charger chip.

The charger chip knows if he has to charge the battery or not, if the battery is full, the charger chip stops charging the battery.

The output of the charger chip is used to supply the WisBlock modules.

Maybe this helps to understand:

thank you very much for the enlightening answer.
It will definitely work as I thought.

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