Node busy no connection

Issue: Nodes Busy

Setup: RAK7249

LoRa® Server: Build in Loraserver

Details: I was able to connect a device, but after a couple uplink and downlink , nothing more.

Do you have another node you can try to see if the gateway is active (which I’d expect it is).

Or can you cycle the power / unplug / reset one of the nodes?

thanks for the quick reply, I tried the same node on another concentrator pilot rak 7243. Perfectly working, my guess it is that I am missing something important on the configuration or something else. But I may be wrong.

I’d feel it more likely there is some issue with the node and not the gateway - unless it is suffering from power problems.

Which is why I suggested you look at the node and not go and try another gateway.

No point asking questions if you’re going to do something different from the suggestions.

Without any knowledge of what you have for a backend server or if you re-provisioned the node or if cycled the power on it, I’m don’t have enough data to comment on the test you actually did.

Look at the raw traffic view or the lora packet logger and see what, if any, activity is happening.

What exactly is your node? Does it have any debug output of its own, such as on a serial port you can connect?

Is your node using OTAA or ABP? Did it get reset?