Node Denies the Join-Req from RAK

Issue: Node Joined Getting Denied

Setup: MSP432 - RN2903 and RAK7258

LoRa® Server: Built-in Lora Server

Details: I recently got a new RAK7258 and started with the basic LoRaWAN transmission. I set up the device in the application tab and generated the appkey. Use those credentials to send over the RN2903. I can see the JSON string of Join request coming up in the system log and also in the Live Device Data tab, it logs the Join request.

But some reason the node shows denied and connection doesn’t happen. I’ve checked the channel plan and kept the server private. In network settings, everything is used as default with ADR ON. I’ve checked the DevEui, AppEUI and AppKey numerous times to be sure. Not sure what else to check here.

I’d appreciate any help/leads that can help me debug this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Do you see any indication that a join accept has been generated and transmitted?

All “denied” really means is that no join accept had been received - either because none was generated, none was transmitted, or none was received

How can I check that? I get “ok” as a response of “mac join otaa” and I also see the join JSON string on RAK’s system log. Is there anything else I have to look at?