node RAK811 does not connect to TTN

I don’t understand what happens with the node, it can’t connect.

When connected to the TTN the device address is changed

Hello @nicolasrak
It is normal device address to be changed every time in OTAA join. Please give print screen on RAK serial tool after command at+get_config=lora:status

Todor Velev


Look @velev

Please set all 3 keys from TTN (dev_eui, app_eui, app_key) to node and try rejoin.
And reset the frame counter in ttn device overview.

How I can reset the frame counter ?

From TTN page of the devices.


I update the firmware…

Great! Now set the dev_eui, app_eui and app_key from TTN to node. Then rejoin.

Now I could connect to the TTN, now I have trouble sending the data …

Hi @nicolasrak,

You can send a new packet only when you see “[LoRa]: Confirm data send OK” which means the last TX window is closed and you can open a new TX window.

Its good!! THANKS…

I have other problem…

what is the AT command to receive the Downlink in the RAK module?

Hi @nicolasrak,

There is no AT command for receiving the downlink data because RAK811 can receive the downlink data automatically.

The information comes to TTN, but I want to see it on the device via serial port

Hello @nicolasrak
When you schedule downlink from TTN it will be received when the node sends next uplink.
That is how Class A of LoRaWAN work.

You receive after you send. And as you see in print screen data is in the RAK serial tool. :slight_smile:


How can I do it then to receive Downlink continuously?

You can do this in Class C , but TTN do not have it i think. You can use

Good morning,

I have the same link problem:

  1. I have a gateway [rak831 + RPP2] configured and online.

  2. The rak811 wisnode, update version V3.0.0.4 was configured according to the guide [ Get Start with RAK811 WisNode-LoRa V3.0.0.4 ], once the link is required it does not support it.

I have done the following:

A- I have followed the recommendations in this thread, without any change.

b. I have observed that in the linking process the RX LED [presents a change of state with each request].

C. The TX led [always remains in state [0]

Note: I send the device status.

You have problem with TTN or the Gateway itself? What is the config of gateway TTN or LoRaServer (or other) ?
Is the gateway is set to US915 band?
The topic is for Class C , you are using Class A according to status.


Hi velev,
my link to the TTN server is connected, my problem is in the link rak811-NODE that is rejected, I send configuration [TTN / NODE] according to class a.
Okay, the gateway is configured for US915, what is not clear to me is your comment regarding class C. The attempt to join the node to the network is negative.

Hi, can yo try this firmware

and give feedback.

PS: Which gateway model do you use?