NOOB Question: Adding extra sensors to 7205

Hello everyone

I am new to LoRa and have no coding skills.

However, I have the Rak development gateway and the 7205 sensor working through TTN.

Is it possible to add additional sensors to the 7205?

If so, is there any documentation available to:

  • help me source compatible sensors
  • help me physically install the sensors onto the board
  • help me configure the software to pass the new sensor data to the gateway

Thank you in advance for listening to (and hopefully helping out) a NOOB :pray:

Dale from Australia

Hi Dale.
Adding a sensor to RAK5205/RAK7205 is possible :slight_smile: Please see this Git for RUI SDK And check the main and example code. Then if you have more questions, please ask.

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When is this possbile for 7200?

Thank you @velev

It’s great to learn that sensors can be added to the module. Unfortunately I don’t have the skills necessary.

I was watching the RAK presentations at the Things Conference and your colleague mentioned that you are releasing more “off the shelf” modules this year.

These new modules seem to be perfect for my needs. May I request some additional information please?

Perhaps I could help you with your testing?

Dale from Australia

FYI - This is the presentation where @kinsonchan mentioned the new nodes (17 minutes and 32 seconds in)

Thank you for your interest in our products. Yes we will release many new devices this year. But due to the situation now there might be some delays. About the testing, please follow our beta testing campaigns on social networks.

Thank you Velev

Would it be possible to be introduced to your testing team?

I don’t use social media (out of principle) but I would love to work together.

Please reach me at [email protected]

@dalewright, how are you getting on with this?

The RAK gateway and module are working great. I don’t have the skills to add additional sensors but that’s not RAK’s fault.

Do you want to learn the skills?

What did you want to sense/measure?

Hello sir, thank you for reaching out.

I would love to learn.

My goal is to have Lora modules monitoring soil temperature, tank levels and gate open/close status throughout our rural property.

I have seen commercial Lora modules but they are quite expensive so I thought I would invest in RAK and seem if I could make something myself. I’m not a programmer but I enjoy looking at other people’s work and seeing if I can apply/tweak it for my purposes.