Not able to flash on RAK815 using IAR

My goal is to make the RAK815 send Location data towards the gateway. Therefore I intend to sum the two already existing applications together: LoRaWAN_Demo and the Peripherals_Demo.
The problem pops whenever I try to flash the program to the hardware using IAR embedded workbench IDE.

Note: I bought new RAK815 hardware because I taught that the first one I have is defective.

Next, I will list my exact steps toward flashing the code to the hardware:

0- The RAK815 plugged into the flashing device and with the pc (as power)

I would appreciate any help. And I can provide any additional piece of data.





1- Creating the project

2- Choosing the project


4- Flashing the application

5- I get the following output regardless of the application example that I choose (LoRaWAN_Demo, Peripherals_Demo, or Scan_Demo).


Dear @velev, don’t we have any solution for this?

I am doing research and I am stuck on this. I have four of the RAK815, and I need to make it work!

I would appreciate any possible help.

Your screen shots have messages which would seem to indicate that you are successfully flashing the chip.

So the question would seem to be if its behavior is not as expected, including perhaps the possibility that you are somehow loading different code than intended.

One thing you could do is search through the sourcecode for the LoRaWan information being printed and change it a little and see if that change is reflected in the output.

Or perhaps even more simply, if you insert some random characters in part of the source you were meaning to customize, does the build fail with a compile error? If not, there’s probably an issue with project setup not building the source you wanted it to.