OLED Display makes rak not work

I had the oled display working yesterday just fine. Now when I have it plugged in the board won’t print anything in serial monitor even nor will display turn on. If I take off the oled and reset it works fine. Any idea why this is happening? There is continuity between pins on both ends but I noticed on the rak board the gnd and scl port showed continuity and the scl and the sda showed continuity but they solder doesn’t appear to be touching one another. Is it supposed to do that, any idea on what’s going on?

What code are you using? Also, when you say take off the oled and resets it works fine, what is working at that point?

The GND and SCL as well as the SCL and SDA shouldn’t have continuity. Does other I2C based sensor works?

the oled display with the environment data example code. When I remove the oled from the prongs of the board it prints env data again. It won’t even print data. I have tried with 2 oleds can’t get it to work now. Yes they work as long as the oled isn’t connected to the pins

everything works again when the oled is taken off any module connected prints etc

Are the OLEDs the original OLED from the WisBlock kit? It seems the OLED is the cause of your issue. Do you have extra WisBlock Kit there to verify that OLED is not working?

it’s this one here
I have tried 2 boards and 2 leds. Originally the oled was kinda working, it would work for a little bit then quit. Then I added more solder and it stayed worked and then it quit and hasn’t worked since but now whenever I plug it on either board the board doesn’t even print anything in the serial monitor anymore

I see. Hmm. You said that GND and SCL are shorted. As well as SCL and SDA. Are those measurements from OLED alone? What resistance you get?

Those pin shouldn’t be shorted btw. If those are, it is likely that they are damaged unless there are solder lead/flux in it that causes the short.

Did you use your OLED outdoor? That can also damage it. It is not designed for outdoor. I got one OLED that was exposed to noon sunlight and it didn’t work anymore.

I used one outdoor for a few seconds, but I have 2 brand new ones that don’t work and one is soldered brand new and the other I tried just soldering the pins to to it and touching it and doesn’t turn on. Like I said I got the first one to work originally it just stopped and hasn’t worked since and a brand new one is acting the same way on both rak boards that are new

This is strange. As if you are getting damaged OLED. Have you tried other codes like on this guide RAKwireless Documentation Center

I tried that main example, I haven’t tried another library though. Also I tried the battery display code but that was after it broke so idk if that one was even meant for that oled

I have multiple OLED displays running without problem.

Can you send us a picture with the OLED plugged into the RAK5005-O?