Online compiler error out today

Hi I just got a problem in compile RAK811-H code, it all have this error, not matter what files I use. Dose anyone else has same problem?

//Source/stm/service/rui/rui.c: In function ‘rui_lora_get_status’:
…//Source/stm/service/rui/rui.c:893:8: error: ‘RUI_LORA_STATUS_T {aka struct RUI_LORA_STATUS}’ has no member named ‘EnableSleep’
status->EnableSleep = g_lora_config.EnableSleep;
stm/Makefile_stm32l151cb:246: recipe for target ‘_build/rui.o’ failed
make: *** [_build/rui.o] Error 1

Hi @fangfchen,

Please update the source code on Github and compile again.
We’ve just updated the source code including rui.h to add some more APIs today.