Openvpn - Remote manage Gateway

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently in the process of setting up a VPN access server on Azure Cloud to facilitate remote management for my RAK Industrial LPWAN Gateway, mirroring the OpenVPN setup mentioned in the AWS EC2 Instance tutorial with Ubuntu Server.

I’ve followed the remote manage documentation that was writen for the AWS , but I’m encountering an issue when attempting to connect my gateway using the OpenVPN extension from the gateway’s UI. It’s giving me the following error:

“/etc/openvpn/uploads/Rak_gateway.OVPN:1: dev (2.4.7) error or missing parameters.”

I’ve referred to the documentation, but it lacks detailed information on configuring the client document to connect to the VPN server on Azure. Could someone please provide guidance on the correct configuration parameters for the client document to ensure successful gateway-to-VPN-server connection?