Operation of two RAK 7249 in point-to-point mode.

Greetings … Please help me in setting up two RAK 7249 modems in point-to-point mode … There is a need to transfer data from one modem to another using the LoRA protocol … Is it possible for these devices to work in this mode?

Hi @klassik ,

These are gateways, not P2P LoRa nodes. They are not designed to do this. If you want to do LoRa P2P we have a good selection in our store for you.


Thanks for the quick answer … That is, if I understand correctly, then I will not be able to connect these two gateways in point-to-point mode and exchange packets via LoRa between them (((There may be some non-standard way to switch the device to the end device mode to solve this problem? I would be glad to have any help in solving this issue.

It ordinarily makes no sense to do so as gateways radios are for more expensive than node radios and intended for a different purpose.

Technically it is partially possible, but you’d be pretty much on your own in trying to do something no one else sees as worthwhile.

Probably the simplest path would be to look up the Semtech backhaul UDP protocol and write a program in python or similar that replaces a lorawan network server - collects the “rxpk” messages when a gateway receives and pushes “txpk” messages when it needs to send. I forget if you can run python on the stock OS install to run the script locally so that you could just bounce the UDP traffic off the gateway box’s loopback interface, but if not that can be added, too.

So basically a few long days of work by a skilled developer experienced in this area getting all the details just right could turn your expensive gateway into a high power consumption partial immitation of inexpensive low power nodes…

You’d do better to sell the gateways to someone who needs gateways and buy node radios instead.

Thank you … I received an exhaustive answer to my question … Best regards, Klassik.