OTA (BLE/LoRa) DFU from one RAK board to another RAK board

Firstly , I wish a Happy New Year to the RAKstars Community !

Secondly, I wanted to know whether there is a possibility or support to perform OTA DFU from one RAK board/device to another similar RAK board/device via BLE or LoRa P2P communication ?


Frohes Neues Jahr @herr_kommissar

Theoretically it could be possible, but

  • we do not have any example code, nor did I see any example anywhere else
  • the memory in the nRF52 is limited, it might not be possible to store the firmware internally, you might need an external memory to hold the firmware (SD card, SPI Flash)
  • I am not sure if the protocol for the BLE firmware update is available as sources for Arduino or the Nordic SDK. There is a library from Nordic for it, but it is for Android/iOS: GitHub - NordicSemiconductor/Android-DFU-Library: A library with DFU feature for Android 4.3+.