OTA update over cellular on Link.One - Is it possible?

I’m curious if it would be possible to push updates over cellular to my remotely stationed sensors should I need to update the firmware.

I know it’s possible over BLE.

If so, does someone have an example you’d be willing to share?

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I don’t think it is possible without changing the bootloader of the RAK4631.
During firmware updates the device is running only on the bootloader code which does not support communication with the cellular module. The bootloader code works only with the BLE OTA-DFU service and the USB connection.

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I see. Makes sense.

Would it be possible for a 4631 module to receive a firmware file via cellular and then update another 4631 module via BLE?

Maybe, but I never heard that someone tried or succeeded to do it.

Yes, it is possible to push firmware updates over cellular networks to remotely stationed sensors. This allows you to update the firmware on your sensors even if they are not physically accessible or within range for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) updates.

To implement firmware updates over cellular, you would typically need a reliable internet connection for both the sensors and the central management system. The specific implementation details can vary depending on the hardware and software architecture you are using for your sensors and the network infrastructure in place.

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It should be possible somehow, but we do not have any solution or firmware that supports this kind of firmware upgrade over Cellular connection.