OTAA help with RAK7243


I am very new to the LoRa scene. I want to use the internal chirpstack server on the RAK7243 gateway in conjunction with the LoRa RFM95 Bonnet (https://www.adafruit.com/product/4074) on top of a raspberry pi as a node. I am struggling with getting these two devices to talk to one another. I have flashed the gateway with the RAK7243 image and followed the steps to setup the chirpstack server. I have also sent messages between two RFM95 bonnets using LoRa P2P so I know the hardware is setup correctly. I also want to to use the gateway remotely where an internet connection will not be available.

When you are using the internal chirpstack server, do you have to pair the gateway and the node together? If so, what python library can I use to activate the node and can this be done without an internet connection? Can I use the RFM95 in LoRa P2P mode to send the messages to the gateway?

Thanks for your advice.

Hi. You need to use LoRa/LoRaWAN, not p2p. Yes, you have to create application in ChirpStack, then to create device. It will generate keys that you need to put in your node.