OTAA working for only 1 of 4 nodes

Hello, @beegee. You had replied to me through the support email but I’m moving to the forum in case it can help another beginner like myself.

Sorry to not be 100% clear of my problem, but your one question helped me out enough to get me to find the solution. You had asked

Did you change the AppKey of some of the devices or are they all the original AppKeys (from newly flashed firmware)?

Honestly, I hadn’t changed this from default. They all were the same and I had made the GW match them.

The fix was to have the GW generate a new AppKey and then I updated each node with it. I’m just confused why the original config didn’t work even though they all matched? Is the default AppKey from the nodes “out of range” of what the GW can accept?

My set up is using 4 RAK3272 nodes and a RAK7268 GW with local lora server and application. I was able to see all the join requests but the join would only work for one node.

Again thank-you for your help. I have learned a lot in the past few weeks. Mostly due to this issue but it forced me to try other setups and settings.


Great you found a solution.

For the default AppKeys of the RAK3172, they should work out of the box, I never change them when I do tests. The AppKey is only used during the join request / join accept process to encode/decode the packet data. With the Join Accept message the LoRaWAN server is sending a newly generated AppSKey and NWSkey (Application Session Key and Network Session Key) which then is used to decode/encode all following packets between the Node and the Server.