Outdoor gateway

In case the outdoor gateway only has cellular connection to the internet and that goes down, can we store data and send that data on reconnection ? How will the duplicates be handled in such cases ?

That is a very good question. I was wondering about it myself. Is there somekind of a buffer.

Subsequent software releases will support communication with LoRaNS via the MQTT protocol. The MQTT protocol is a reliable connection protocol. The TCP/MQTT protocol itself contains buffers and retransmission mechanisms to cope with network conditions. Short-term network interruption does not cause loss of LoRa packets. It seems that only the network delay has increased.This increase in delay does not have much impact on LoRa upstream messages that do not require ACKs. For packets that require ACK, the downlink ACK may miss the receiving time window of the LoRaNode due to the increase of network delay.

It’s a good idea to cache a amount of data for a single device when the network link is disconnected.