Override factory settings of RAK7268C WisGate

Hi guys!

2 questions regarding the RAK7268C:

1: Is it possible to override the factory settings and keep them persistent?
Example: I want to activate the WisDM option and after I press the reset button on the device, the setting should be stil enabled.

2: Is there a place where I can find more detailed Information of the RAK7268C than here:
[RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 | RAKwireless Documentation Center](Wis Gate RAK7268C)

I would be more interested in a full manual than a quick start guide…

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“reset” is unfortunately a word with multiple meanings

The software system on this box descends from that of wifi routers, where the role of the “reset” button is not really to do a hardware reset (reboot), but rather to reset configuration to factory defaults.

According to the manual, a short press apparently does do a simple hardware reset, but a long press resets configuration.

Personally, I’d use the button only for configuration reset, and if I wanted to a reboot I’d power cycle it instead.

thanks for your response.
OK with reset I mean. reset configuration to factory defaults

so I meant to override the factory defaults and keep them persistent.

Example: The LoRa-Gateway is placed in a class room at school. One student is quite funny and presses the Reset Button for a long time and resets configuration to factory defaults

Such similar scenerio is what I want to prevent…


That’s not a realistic goal.

To change the factory defaults you’d have to use squashfs tools to unpack and repack a system upgrade image, possibly after splitting it from and recombining with the kernal.

You do better to epoxy a cover over the reset button hole and physically open the unit if you ever need it.

Or walk it down to the metal shop and have someone make a strap that encircles the case covering the hole and secures it against theft.

Or put the gateway in a locked room, you don’t want it too close to nodes anyway.

There might(?) be a backup offline and restore function though?

that´s is one opinion…

One other example: For some reason the gateway is not working anymore and a reboot does not help. So the only solution is to reset the gateway (not far ago I had such case).

If the gateway is at the customers place (wherever it is i.e 400km far away from my place) the only thing I would need to tell my customer is to press the reset button for 10 secs. All further configuration I would then could do via WisDM. But as I cannot override factory settings WisDM is disabled by default.


If you wish to unpack the squashfs, modify it, then re-pack and re-flash it, that’s up to you

Worth noting that a mixup in that process is likely to result in a gateway that can’t boot at all, so you’ll want to review the procedure for recovery with a serial cable and TFTP server.