P2P interval messages (with gps,temp data and more)

Issue: Software

Setup: 2* RAK5202

Server: P2P

Details: Hey, I bought the Lora nodes in idea that I will use it as P2P communication. I succeeded with sending messages between the two nodes with at+send.
The requirement is that I need auto send messages between the two nodes with the all the data that I can get with at+get_config=device:status (wasn’t able to find how to do that).

I am really new in this field and I tried to look in several manuals and forums about working in P2P mode but It there is almost anything about that.

oh!I’m sorry to tell you that at present, automatic sending cannot be realized in P2P mode, but only some data can be sent actively. You can try to add this function on RUI basis.

I am not sure what will be easier… to buy gateway or to add this function.

I want to operate the setup in a place without any internet connection.
Would it possible if I will buy a gateway?

By the way can you send an example of modified rui function? I got little bit lost in all the c files.

You can upload node data to the server in lorawan mode. If you don’t need a network, try the gateway’s built-in lora server!

Maybe it will be the best solution!

Can you recommend me the best gateway for distance? This is the most important property that I need.

What about the example that I asked? You have maybe a simple one?

You can refer to :https://doc.rakwireless.com/rak5205-rak7205-wistrio-lora-tracker/connecting-to-chirpstack

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