P2p on rak5205 error 80

Issue:Cannot send data between two nodes in P2P mode- ERROR 80

Setup:2 RAK5205 boards which contains RAK811 modules.


Details:Hello everybody. I don’t want to connect to the TTN or anything on the internet but just to establish connection between tow boards in P2P.
After configuring the boards according to the “Quick start guide” the P2P chapter, I’ve been trying to send data but all I get is ERROR 80 on the transmitter side without receiving something on the receiver board.
In addition I want to mention that in both of them (receiver and transmitter) I see that transfer mode is 1 (when I’m doing the at+get_config=lora:status) which is weird to me because I except to see different values for receiver and transmitter - but maybe it is not the problem.
thanks for all

Hi @potato,
This is error 80’s meaning image
This happens when you execute at command and then execute another one too fast and the device is busy.

Hi @Nikola thank you,
I also find it on internet but it doesn’t make any sense because I see this message right after I send the first time. and even if wait long time it is steel happening . I couldn’t find a way to overcome this ERROR.

Hi Nikola thanks for answering me, but this error popped up any time I’m sending something even if I wait a long time.
It seems like the devices can’t get out of this situation.
What else can I do?

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another question: do you have an idea how long I should wait?
I waited for 10 min and steel the same Error occured .

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Hi @potato,
I’m sorry for the late reply. I just tested RAK5205 in p2p mode and it worked fine without any problem. Which version of the firmware do you use? Try to upgrade the FW according to this guide.
The latest version of the FW you can find here.

my firmware is
I’ve been trying to upgrade it many time and it doesn’t work.
here is what the Upgrade Tool writes to me right after I choose the new firmware file and press START:
-“open serial port”
-if I press restart button it writes to me “Enter Boot mode success” and stack here
-if I don’t press it, it writes to me " Time out Error please click stop to restart operation"
-after I press STOP “STOP! please choose the serial port again”
I really don’t know what else to do please help me!! @Nikola
thank you

Hi @potato,
Try with this firmware.

Hi @Nikola
unfortunately this firmware does the same thing like before!
there is another way to update the firmware ?
if not what else I should do ?

Can you give me the response of “at+get_config=lora:status”.

Hi @Nikola sorry for the long delay.
The response is-

OK work mode :LORAP2P
freq 434665000
SF :7
BW :0
CR :1
PreamLen : 5
transfer mode :1

Do you think I should return the devices to the company ?
I’m starting to be desperate with this devices.
Thank you,

Hi @potato,
Could you try to send from the device with transfer mode: 2 and receive with the device with transfer mode: 1?

@Nikola what is the at command to change the transfer mode?
I couldn’t find the command in the AT Command Manual paper.
thank you again potato

Hi @potato,
This is the command : at+set_config=lorap2p:transfer_mode:X where X is the mode… Set one of the nodes in mode 1 and the other in mode 2, then send from the one that is in mode 2.