Packet Filter in Packet Forwarder Settings

Issue: Problem configuring PACKET FILTER in Packet Forwarder Settings

Setup: RAK7249 Firmware 1.3.2_RAK b75

LoRa® Server: ChirpStack v3.x.x

My lorawan net_id is C00035 I tried to insert it in the WHITE LIST but every package is filtered for me. Where am I wrong?

Hello @Egodomenico,

To enable the white list mode, you will need to set both OUI List and Network ID List.
The Network ID list must be in decimal. Use a HEX to DEC converter to convert your Network ID and type the decimal of the ID.
But you will need to set OUI in order to filter packets.

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I entered OUI List 0b5056 and entered Network ID 12582965 converted from C00035. Unfortunately the JOIN passes but the other packages are filtered. Where am I wrong?

For future reference:

Found on the LoRa Alliance website:

If you have a non-collaborating network, then you can use the 0x000000 or 0x000001 NetID values. These values are reserved and can be used by any LoRaWAN network that does not have an assigned NetID.”

Only “000000”/“000001” IDs can be used for private networks.

Thank you for the answer, anyway anyway: I’m about to register my NetID, and I’m trying the filter function of your gateway, the lorawan network that I put up works fine without the filter, but when I put the filter as you have seen it does not work. You want to tell me that your NetID filter only works for NetID values ​​0 and 1? Because when I put my values ​​NetID 0xC00035 converted to decimal 12582965 it doesn’t work.

I did another test and tried with a Net ID 0x00001C which converted to decimal 28. With this value the filter works correctly, so I deduce that not all Net ID values ​​are accepted by the gateway. What is the range of Net IDs correctly accepted by the gateway ???