packet forwarder

does anyone have an idea how to set up a packet forwarder for multiple servers, such as a poly packet forwarder or similar



It seems like a good idea, but a packet forwarder can only be uploaded to one server.

I have installed a poly packet forwarder for rpi3 and imst 880a, so it can probably be used on rak7243 and another very important thing … please insert it into the firmware
OverlayFS, because since I installed it and made a readonly file system … my sd card has never been corrupted again…
i installed this gateway
which has a polypacket forwarder for multiple servers … but it doesn’t work gps although it shows it works…
i just changed the reset pin to 17 and localconf.json
that means RAK7243 works with this software from github… only GPS dont…

The mentioned poly packet forwarder can submit uplinks to more than one server.

However, in the downlink direction there’s no way for one server to know that another has already committed the gateway to transmitting at a particular time, a downlink conflict would result in one or even both packets being unsent.