Packet loss (count loss) of the uplink from RAK5205_TrackerBoard to TTN

Hi, sorry for bothering.
I use RAK5205_TrackerBoard software for my node.
I make this node to only send APP_PORT_TEMP_FLAG data every 5s.
I also change the source code in app.c:
TxDutyCycleTime = g_lora_config.app_interval * 100; /* makes the app to loop every 1s*/
I can see packet is sent per 5s on my serial port.
However,I found the packets on TTN are lost.

The counter is not continuous.
Can anybody tell me why?
Or is there any possible to uplink packets every 10s?

Hi @tecop ,

We have had the same issue with multiple nodes from different manufacturers.
What SF and channel are you using, how close are you to the gateway, do you have ADR turned on?
By the way you are not allowed to send so often anyway, so might I ask what scenario would require you to do so?

Hi, I turn the ADR on.
Packets information on TTN shows SF12.
The LoRa node is no more than 10m from the gateway (very close :joy:).
I want to update the GPS information every 10s.
And there seems no duty cycle limits in China :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I did not know that there is no duty cycle limitation in China. I thought 1% is fair policy everywhere. Anyways you can ignore it, however not if @Fomi has encoded it in the firmware :slight_smile:

If no duct cycle limitation , maybe channel list is not match, should check Device ,Gateway ,and NS server channel list config.