Packet Transmit and Receive Experiment with RAK2245

Hi, I purchased RAK2245 product this time and installed LoRa Server.
I have studied LoRa with sx1272 in raspi until now.
So I bought RAK2245 to check the packet transmission and reception through sx1301.
However, I heard that Sx1301 cannot send or receive packets like sx1272 because it is a gateway. Is that right?
So, I installed LoRa Server and ran it as described in the manual. But I still don’t know how to use this.
So I’m going to ask you a question. I am going to experiment with sending and receiving packets according to the SF value.

  1. Can you do this experiment on LoRa Server? For example, can two SX1301 packets be sent and received?
  2. If not, is it possible to conduct a transmission and reception test between SX1272 and SX1301? How is it?
  3. Can you check the code that contains the relevant information?

I sincerely ask of you.