Paket Lost Class-c

Issue: Packet Lost, downlink never get to the device

Setup:Rak7249 Class-C devices OTAA

LoRa® Server:internal server

Details: The device authenticates without problem… join and accept

when try to send data with downlink options… i can see

869.525 - - 20 CRC LORA 4/5 SF12BW125 6 1319 02000002 5 10

if i select “confirm” i never get confirmation

i have packet lost

is 869.525 not the correct freq?


  Are you using the built-in Server? 
  Are you configured correctly and can you show me what you are doing? 
  Which product is the node using?

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Confirmation would require not only that the gateway actually transmitted correctly, but that the node received, and then that the node firmware transmitted a confirmation reply, and then that this reply was received at the gateway.

Try to simplify and use serial debug output from the node to see if it actually received the message.

If not, watch the gateway’s packet forwarder log and see if it actually transmitted.

Also the “confirmed” traffic in LoRaWAN is not very well designed, you are probably better off doing your own application-level confirmation messages, which means all of being able to chose your own retry strategy, being able to decide when a fresher payload is better than re-using a stale one, and also has the added benefit that this is a true end-to-end confirmation between your node firmware and your specific backend data system.