Payload Decoder for Field Mapper for TTN

@carlrowan in this post you provided a decoder for the Field Mapper for @Andy

Would you have one that would work in the TTN Payload Decoder?

The issue with this one is that it doesn’t recognise normalizedPayload. I see TTN have instigated experimental support of this but it doesn’t seem to work yet.

Hi @mutton ,

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I updated the js code on topic created by @Andy . It should have a working decoder now :+1:

Thanks - but I am really after the same type of info that the Field Mapper can provide i.e.

Number of Gateways, their location and distance, and signal strength for a given lat/long.

Is there a way to get the info sent to disk91?

Oh I understand @mutton , you must create an endpoint that will decode the downlink coming from disk91 server.

This is actually explored by @beegee . We have a guide on RAK10701 that uses datacake which he created. I haven’t tried with TTN yet but maybe you can have a look and use as reference.

@carlrowan would you mind changing the link above to a Web URL please. It’s a localhost address at the moment


Here is the correct link RAK10701-P Field Tester Pro for LoRaWAN Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

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Thanks @beegee . I also update the link @mutton :+1: