Payload recieved in packet forwarder mode

Issue: Representation of data in LoRa packet logger, in RAK webserver.

Setup:1.3.4_RAK b113

LoRa® Server:

Details: Hi, we are doing a project on LoRa, in that we are testing for Packet forwarder mode enabled in settings of web server.
My Observations:

  • So, in that testing, I have found that whenever the data is transmitting from the end device, I was able to see it in the LoRa packet logger, but there are same data(I am saying it, by seeing its FCnt) with some seconds time gap and it with different Datarate, RSSI, SNR, uplink messages are seen. Why am I getting to see the same Fcnt at the same time with seconds gap with different parameter values.
  • And why am I getting higher SF values or data rate of SF12BW125, even when the end device is placed beside or near to the gateway??
    In web server - Why it is taking time to send the downlink message - Tx power, datarate after an uplink.
  • In web server- If at all uplink message is seen but the downlink message is not seen then there is no data seen in the end device console of TTN network server - In that case there is a packet loss - i.e., the uplink message is not seen in the end device console.
    I have checked the Fcnt in end device console of TTN - in that there is a missing count.
  • And another testing of resuming the internet at gateway side:

The time interval for end device sending data is 10 sec.
When internet resumed - So, whenever there is an uplink from the end device - I observed it, that for some time I was able to see the data in the packet logger but 2 uplinks received - one is normal and the other is “push into buffer” - after some seconds, I was unable to see the data in the packet logger.

  • Where does the storage of data takes place when there is no internet at the gateway??

— I have tried to understand what is packet forwarder mode in RAK doc. but I think there is only some basic information in it. I need an detail explanation, where can I find it? Can anyone share or suggest where to find it - it is very important for me.