PCB Antenna for LoRa

good day
interested do you provide access to the printed circuit board of your pcb lora antenna?

Hello @mykhalych90,
Could you be more specific in what you are interested in? I’m not sure that I’ve understood you right.

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we want to place such antenna on our future pcb.
now we work with wisBlock, but in future want to make own pcb with RAK WisDuo modules.

Hello @mykhalych90

The antenna in our shop is for use inside an enclosure (glue to the enclosure wall) and not to be used on an PCB. We do not produce this antenna by ourselfs, we are buying them from a local supplier in China.

We do not offer chip antennas (I understand that is what you are looking for).

Using above antenna on a PCB would be a bad idea unless you provide a sufficient large area on the PCB without any routed signals and without any ground plane.

ok, thanks for the info and advice)