Physical placement of oled screen on Wisblock 19007


I got a RAK 19007 baseboard + 4631 Lora module starter kit and the RAK Oled screen.
I’m kind of frustrated that this baseboard, sold with the promise of being modular with the ability to add addon modules like the oled screen (according to the RAK wireless youtube commercial videos), does not have the necessary screw sockets or other connection system to connect the oled screen on it.

So my question : how do you connect (physically) that oled screen on the baseboard ?


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The OLED RAK1921 has a form factor that doesn’t have the standard wisblock connectors. It has header pins that can be connected directly on the header pins of the wisblock base.

That would be the electrical connection. For mechanical one, you can create an enclosure that can support it.

We only have one in store good for prototyping that fits with the OLED screen and based on acrylic - Protect your LoRa® WisBlock system well with the transparent RAKBox-B5 – RAKwireless Store

Or 3D print a nice enclosure. This one is a RAK19003 with the OLED display:

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Thank you for your answers. This clear things up. I can of course design and print (or download a preexisting) 3D printed enclosure. But I find it contrary to the “click and connect” or “modular” objectives of the wisblock modules.