Pi Hats - RAK2003 vs RAK2004

Hello! Can someone point me to the differences between the Raspberry Pi hats, RAK2003 and RAK2004? Thank you!

Hello @sark and welcome to the forum!

The is no RAK2004 Pi HAT. All hats can be found here.
The ‘so’ called RAK2003 is basically the RAK2247 Pi HAT and RAK2287/RAK5146 Pi HAT.

The difference between these two is that the one (RAK2247 Pi HAT) has a GPS module on it, and the other does not. The reason is that the RAK2247 LPWAN concentrator did not have a GPS on itself.

@Martin Thank you very much for the reply. When searching ebay I found several marked “RAK2004” like this RAK2004 Pi Hat Ver. B | eBay
I assume this hat was part of a larger kit?

Hello @sark,

This is a HAT for a Helium miner. Someone have disassembled a miner and it is sending the HAT separately as mentioned in the description:
This HAT has security elements for the Helium miner.

P.S.: We do not sell such parts.

@Martin Thank you for the information!

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