Ping Watchdog Help

Hey There,

I am having trouble getting the ping watchdog to work properly with the RAK7258 Ethernet/Cellular.
I would like to have the gateway primarily on ethernet, but in the case of the ethernet connection going down, switch to cellular, then back again if ethernet is re-established.

I set up the ping watchdog for both the ethernet (wan) and cellular (wwan) interfaces, and set the priorities accordingly. I have tried various priorities that follow the priority rule (lowest number is highest priority) to try and get it working but with all of this set up, I am having no luck.
It seems to be connected when the ethernet and sim card are plugged into the gateway but when I try to test by removing the ethernet connection, it will not switch to cellular.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @RileyRCI Which firmware you are using. I suggest updating to the latest one here.
In the latest firmware, there is a Multi-WAN function that is more stable and easy to configure.

Note that the time for switching from Eth to LTE may be up to 2 minutes.
You can adjust this by tracking reliability in the LTE Multi-WAN settings(Edit button).

Thanks for prompt reply! This seems to have worked! Much easier to set up as well.


Is there any flow chart to detail Tracking ?

What does "reliability" value ?
What does “Down” value ?
What does “Up” value ?

Other values are self explained but I would like to know more abot those 3 values