Plan for "send on motion" feature

I’ve seen from at least one other forum post that “send on motion” is not currently supported, but is planned. When it this feature planned to be implemented?

I see it as being critical to most applications for achieving reasonable battery life, since most tracker applications typically have long periods of “no motion”. I would recommend that the existing “send interval” still be allowed, with the addition of a second interval that is used when the device is in motion. This way, you might configure an interval of 5 minutes while moving and an interval of 12 hours when not moving. I suppose that it may also be necessary to be able to set the accelerometer threshold that determines “motion”.

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Thank you for your advice.We will discuss the feasibility of this approach.

Hi @eric24,

Thank you for your advice! I think they are useful and we are plan to do them actually.
But in our plan, there will be 3 steps:
The first step is to improve our LoRa modules stability and usability including RAK811, RAK4200, RAK4270, and RAK4600. After this step, all LoRa modules will have a better use experience. We are at the end of this step now.
The second step is to improve our LoRa products based on the above new modules firmware, including RAK7201, RAK7202, RAK7203, RAK7204, RAK5205/7205, RAK7200, and so on. This step will start at the begin of next month.
The third step is to do the features like you mentioned based on the above strong products firmware. But i think this step may start at the middle of June.

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I’m glad to hear it’s on the list. Just to confirm, all three of these steps are firmware related, right?

Yes, they are all firmware related.

Another useful mode, once you have “motion sensing” worked out, would be to “send position after start of motion” and “send position after end of motion” (with a threshold of n seconds of motion or no-motion). That could be used together with the “send every n seconds while in motion” or independently.


Yes, these features are in my plan. :wink:

Only we need to wait a period of time unfortunately.
But at the end, as @Fomi is listening to us, we as a customer, all will be fixed and inplemented.
I’m sure!

Thank you for your trust. @JeroenKl :slight_smile: