PlatformIO installation troubles

So, rather stupidly I completely messed up my development machine … yeah, I know!

I spent the best part of 6 hours getting everything re-installed and configured, however when it came time to get the Wisblock stuff set up in PlatformIO, I have run into a bit of an issue.

There’s some great documentation here, however, when we get to step 7, the big question is … where is the file wiscore_rak4631.json, I’ve taken a stroll around the various repositories, but I cannot locate the file :sob:

Alright … it turns out that it was just an issue with me having dowloaded the lates Nordic nRF52 platform and performing the steps here, then when I loaded my actual project, it was tied to version 8.1.0 which was installed during the build attempt … this was the cause for the missing file.

User error … again!

I really need to take the time and update that tutorial.

Much easier with a simple patch: RAK_PATCH

Yeah, I did pretty much use the patch instructions, but again, because I’d not installed the specific version of the nrf platform before running the patch that one got missed.

That document @beegee has plenty of broken links -I guess because it’s out of date.

It might be a good idea to mention in the readme for the patch repo, that you should run the patch script whenever you install a new platform (for example, when installing a different version of the nrf platform)

Yes, it is outdated. Maybe I find time over the weekend to fix it.

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