Please make a forum area or policy for Helium questions

Helium questions are currently getting posted randomly in all sorts of mismatching sections of the forums because there is no area for them.

Its clear that the goal was to support that product line primarily through discord and not the forum, but something needs to happen with all the questions that do end up cluttering up other topics on the forum here.

It seems like the answer could be either:

  • A forum area where helium questions do belong and can be moved to, probably with a bold sticky message that discord is the preferred avenue for support

  • A policy of responding to helium questions with a redirect to discord and then then closing the thread here

Helium discussions are here, including support ticket system:

Preferentially, sure.

But what’s to be done with the daily onslaught of helium questions posted here on the forum in mis-matching topics?

Move them to an appropriate topic?

Close them with just a reminder to ask on discord instead?

The current chaos of these being allowed on the forum but not having a place on the forum isn’t working, it’s just making a mess of all of the rest of the forum when helium questions gets scattered into all sorts of topics where they don’t remotely belong - they’re turning up misplaced under developer gateways, industrial gateways, wisblock, lpwan nodes… none of which fit.