PoE with RAK19018, how to

Dear all!

I bought a

  • RAK19010 Base Board,
  • RAK13800 Ethernet-Module
  • RAK19018 PoE Board, and a
  • RAK4631 LoRa Core Module

Will the base board then be powered through the I/O port?

Or do I need an additional power-slot-module and “bridge” the +5V power from the 19018 to input of the power-slot module?

Asking because I had no success at the first attempt. Connected a PoE-enabled LAN cable, but the base board and modules showed no signs of life. Working on meshtastic, btw.


Welcome to the forum @gischwa

You will need an additional cable from the 5V output of the PoE board to the solar connector of the WisBlock Base Board to power the complete WisBlock setup through PoE.

But in your configuration with the BaseBoard with Power slot that is not possible. You will need an additonal Power Slot module for the power supply.

Options with solar panel connector would be the RAK19012, RAK19013 or RAK19016

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Bernd, thanks a lot. Now all is clear.

Hi @gischwa ,

To give more details, since you are using RAK19010 Base Board with Power Slot, you should use RAK19017 if you only need to power your module via POE - Ag9905MT Power-over-Ethernet (POE) Power Slot Module | 48V Arduino PoE Module – RAKwireless Store. No Ethernet connectivity.

If you need ethernet connectivity, RAK13800+RAK19018 is what you need then you can use the standard RAK19007 WisBlock Base board to eliminate the need for extra cable since the 5V output of the RAK19018 POE will be provided (ORed) in the VBUS line. On you current RAK19010 Base Board, the VUSB is not connected to the RAK19018 POE output so you will need the Solar cable.

I can enable POE on my WisBlock Base boards (RAK5005-O and RAK19007 boards) without the need of the cable connected to solar connector input.

Carl, thanks again. Great support!

Yes, I want to have ethernet connectivity, so I will stick with RAK13800+RAK19018.

I have both RAK19010 and RAK19007 base boards at hand. Now I undertand the difference regarding VBUS.

I am using the RAK13800+RAK19018 on a RAK19001 Dual IO Base Board. Would I need a separate solar cable to power it?


I’ve got a similar question, using the RAK19007 base board, and the RAK13800 Ethernet module with RAK19018 PoE board, when connecting a Ethernet cable from a PoE switch, only the red LED on the base board flickers a little dim, and the PoE module slightly buzzes, but the board does not start up.

It’s like it’s trying to start, but does not have enough power so it’s like stuck in a loop. What can I try?