Point to Point LoRa - how to select only one transmitter?

We can encrypt data, but I could not understand how to make receiver to listen to only particular sender,
I have two transmitter Lora Module transmits some data, consider these as T1 and T2, and one receiver Lora modules R1.
Here receiver module R1 receives data from both transmitter T1 and T2,
So how can we make R1 to receive data from only T1?

Your question was about neither TTN nor LoRaWAN, so it’s been moved to a new topic.

It sounds like you are trying to use a point-to-point LoRa link, and you want to select traffic from only one sender.

That’s not really how radios work - they receive anything with matching frequency and settings. Instead, it’s up to software to ignore what it’s not interested in, for example based on identifying headers. There is potential for de-confliction in frequency choice, but you can’t really depend on that, and also you may need a scheme to hop across multiple frequencies in coordination anyway…

It’s not really clear if you are building something using RAK’s LoRa modules (if so please say which one and the software basis you are using to operate the radio), or someone else’s or if you’ve purchased some sort of off-the-shelf bridge devices. So to get any more meaningful response you’re going to have to provide more details - but if it’s not a RAK product, this probably isn’t the best place to get help.

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