Positive Feedback on 150mm Unify Enclosure w/ Solar

Hi RAK Staff,

Meshtastic user here. Been using your WisBlock kits since they were first supported. So much better than other manufacturers.

I’ve also used all the enclosures at some point in time. I have a few of the 100mm Unify enclosures and they are doing ok, just take a few days to come back up to full power after a few days of rain or clouds. They are just a little borderline.

I recently got a few of the new 150mm Unify Enclosures with bigger solar panels and wow, these are exactly what I needed for a node with a small footprint and not having to worry about the power.

I put a Samsung 35E 18650 inside and it is keeping my nodes happy and above 85% for the week I have been running them so far. Looking forward to fitting a 21700 inside eventually. Plenty of room for me to customize and keep a clean interior.

Thanks for getting out these bigger enclosures out with the bigger panels, I hope you continue to make them for the foreseeable future. I’ll continue to buy them and spread the word.

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Welcome to the forum @Kevin_K

Thank you for the positive feedback. We have no plans to discontinue our Unify Enclosure products soon.

How many 21700’s could one squeeze into the 150mm enclosure? How about the 100mm enclosure? I searched and could not find any photos of such kind of setups…

I have managed to fit 1x 21700 in the open bottom portion of the 150mm enclosure. I didn’t take any pictures, but it went in a bit diagonally with a battery holder.

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